BFL104E200 Carlo Gavazzi Light Curtain



The BFL series provides the protection of the lift car/passenger doors through a light curtain of infrared beams between the emitting and receiving units. Whenever a person or an object breaks at least one beam, the system is triggered causing the doors to re-open. In the same way, the BFL can be used for access openings in industrial production, in automatic stores for cargo monitoring and in many other applications. The transmitting unit (TX) and the receiving unit (RX) are synchronized by the wire and are designed for dynamic and static mounting. The system is able to adjust the power of the signal depending on the distance between the two units, in order to minimise the power consumption and ensure maximum life-span of the components without any set up. No external control box is required.

Technical Features
  • Protective screen for lift doors generated by light curtains
  • Height version 200 cm
  • Diodes position on the edge and on the side of the profile
  • Output type: static opto-mosfet (70 mA) for NPN/PNP and voltage free contact
  • Output working mode: NO or NC (selectable)
  • 9.7 mm ultra slim PC-ABS plastic housing
  • 4 m range
  • Light immunity > 100 kLux
  • Automatic signal level adjustment
  • High speed scanning
  • LED indication for power supply ON and system status
  • Dynamic mounting (directly on the lift sliding doors)
  • Static mounting (on the fixed walls of the lift opening) by optional kit (BFLMOUNT)
  • Timeout and blanking functions
  • According to EN 81-70 requirements
  • IP54



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