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The new EL.CO MICRO2 product series makes the difference!
Whether your lifts are intented for use in low-rise buildings or multi-level structures, EL.CO MICRO2 model is the ideal solution especially for parallel connections.

EL.CO MICRO2 model was designed to offer you a competitive advantage in cases where a key concern is to provide a high-tech reliable solution for top performance.

Technical Features

  • Hydraulic, Electric 1 or 2-speed and V.V.V.F. type
  • 32bit ARM 72MHz controller
  • Up to 32 stops (Up to 8 stops down collective / Up to 32 stops with external boards)
  • Speed: Up to 2,5 m/sec
  • USB for easy software update
  • Parallel Connection or Serial Communication (Can bus /Lin bus)
  • Non selective-collective, Down Collective, Full Collective
  • Multiplex operation (Duplex-Triplex-Quadruplex)
  • Simultaneous operation of two doors without magnetic sensors
  • Long life time for all utility relays
  • LCD screen for programming parameters, errors, password protected and led indicators
  • English language menu options
  • Auxiliary 12 VDC output 1A
  • Intelligent battery charger for one sealed lead acid battery 12 VDC & protected output for emergency lights
  • Environment temperature control
  • Motor temperature control
  • Real time clock
  • Lift diagnostics – saves the last 100 errors to facilitate maintenance and repair
  • Ground leakage is controlled in two levels, instant and continuous
  • Εlectronic protected from short circuits all inputs and outputs
  • Feedback from main conductors and motor brakes
  • Service buttons and switch on main board
  • 3 phase operator
  • Shaft’s measurement with magnetic sensors or encoder system
  • Modem connection
  • A3 brake function on board
  • Automatic rescue operation with UPS (optional)

European Standards

  • Manufactured with branded and certified raw materials
  • EMC tested and verified I Certified with CE
  • Compatible with European standards and Directives for Lifts :
    EN 81-1/2, EN 81-1/2+A3:2009, EC 95/16, EN 81/70, EN 81/28, EN 12015, EN 12016, EN 50178, PUBEL




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